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We aim to continuously provide a safe, structured environment in which homeless mothers can obtain the education, skills, training, and personal support necessary to break the patterns associated with poverty and homelessness and progress toward self-sufficiency.

Strategic Objectives:

Embrace the Mothers: by providing a welcoming and safe transitional home for mothers and their children in crisis


Empower the Mothers: through case management, life skills training, and vocational guidance

  • Life skills training – to provide mothers with a spiritual foundation to empower them to navigate day-to-day life

  • Parenting training – to provide the mothers with tools to grow as positive influencers and foster better communication with their children

  • Youth training - to cultivate self-development, self-authenticity, and purposeful living

  • Vocational training and professional development – to provide mothers with education or trade-based instruction to enable mothers to be competitive, switch careers, advance or obtain employment, and

  • Digital literacy training – to provide skill-based instruction to increase job mobility and provide tools for success in computers and technology.

Establish the Mothers: by helping them secure and maintain permanent housing

Stones of Meaning
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